Writing a Memoir

Writing a Great Memoir of Your Very Own!

If you are thinking of writing a memoir of your very own, you should know a few things before you start on the memoir writing process. You should know that it is a joy to write a memoir. But you should also know that it can also be quite a tough prospect. This is especially true if you have never published a memoir before. So if you want to write a truly noteworthy memoir, you should have a strategy. Here are 4 Essential tips for writing a truly remarkable memoir of your very own.

1. Never change facts or embellish events

If you are going to write a memoir of your very own, you should really avoid changing facts or embellishing events. Although a memoir is never as detailed as an autobiography, it is still important that you remain as truthful with the details of your memoir as possible. This is because your readers trust the truthfulness of your memoir, and you owe it to them to be as truthful with your writing as possible.

2. Infuse emotion into your writing

The main difference between a memoir and an autobiography, is the fact that an autobiography is more detail oriented and reliant on facts. But when you are writing a memoir, you can be freer with your writing. So it is a good idea to infuse as much emotion into your writing. By infusing more emotion into your memoir, you will be able to draw your readers into the story. You will also make them care more for your story and your struggles. By infusing more emotion into your writing, you are making your story more relatable and interesting. Just make sure that you don’t make your story too emotional, because it may seem cloying and overly dramatic.

Writing a Story

3. You don’t need to be chronologically correct all the time

As it was stated earlier, a memoir is not an autobiography. So there is really no need to strictly follow a chronology of events. What matters is that you tell your story right. Try to tell it like a novel, where you can start in the present, but jump back and forth to flashbacks and then back to the present again. By doing so you will be able to provide context to your story and create a sense of dynamism in the story at the same time.

4. Focus on a specific and important event

One of the most unique things about a memoir is the fact that you don’t have to create a detailed account of your life. Instead, you can just focus on one aspect of your life, just as long as it is relevant to your story and it is of great significance to you. So you can write about your childhood, the first time you fell in love, the first time you lost a loved one or the first time you ever worked, etc. By having a more focused outlook on these specific events you will be able to show readers how significant they are to you, and how they affected your overall outlook on life.

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