Great Things About Being A Writer

Great Things About Being A Professional Writer!

If you are thinking of becoming a professional writer you should know that it could be a difficult prospect. There are many obstacles you will have to overcome, and you will have to compete against a lot of other writers. Not to mention the fact that there is really no guarantee that you will succeed. But as difficult as it may seem there are a lot of advantages to being a writer. Here are 4 Great things about being a professional writer.

 1. You choose your work schedule

Right off the bat, being a professional writer gives you a lot more freedom compared to other jobs. Being a professional writer means that you don’t follow the usual nine to five work schedule. Instead, you get to choose when you work. You also get to choose where you work and for how long you work. Overall, being a professional writer will give you a great deal of freedom. But you will need to be disciplined as well, because it is very easy to get lazy in the long run.

 2. Opportunity to establish a fan base

Yet another advantage of being a professional writer is the fact that you get to establish a fan base for yourself. As a writer, your main objective should be to create a great book and establish a fan base for yourself. What good is a great book if people don’t read it? So creating a fan base for yourself should always be one of your main goals. Anyways it is very satisfying to have a fan base clamoring for your next work.

 3. Fan mail

One of the main perks of having a fan base is fan mail. Once you reach a certain degree of fame, you will get fan mail. And it is a joy to answer questions about your work. There is also a sense of satisfaction in knowing that people are interested in your book, and that they will take the time to write you a letter. All in all, fan mail should yet be another reason why you should strive to succeed as a writer.

 4. The opportunity to earn a living while doing something you love

Being a writer is not an easy path. There will be times where your will to write will be tested. There will be times where you will be tempted to just give up on your writing dreams. There will be times where you will doubt your skills as a writer and not have any motivation to write. But if you are truly set on being a writer, you should learn to power through these thoughts. Instead, you should look at professional writing from another perspective. Think of it as a journey. Don’t rush through the process. Enjoy every aspect of it. You should also look at it as an opportunity. An opportunity to earn a living while doing something that you love.

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