Book Publishing Secrets

Book Publishing Secrets Every Newbie Writer Should Know

Publishing a book is a major undertaking for any writer. This is because there are so many aspects of the book publishing process that you have to take account of. So before you set out and publish a book of your very own, you should have a set plan. This is especially important if you are a newbie writer and you don’t really know where to begin. Here are 5 publishing secrets every newbie writer should know.

 1. Start your book marketing as early as possible

If there’s one thing you should always remember when publishing a book of your very own, it is the fact that the book marketing process is extremely difficult. This is because there are already a myriad of established authors out there. Not only that, new authors also keep coming out of the woodwork on a daily basis. So it goes without saying that the book marketing arena is very competitive. And if you want to make any impact you will need to start as soon as possible. It is even better if you start the book marketing process before you start writing your book. That way, once you do release your book, you will already have a solid fan base waiting for you. Here are some tips on how to do this.

  • Create an author blog of your very own.
  • Use social media to advertise your book.
  • Reach out to online influencers.

 2. It will cost you

It is a well-known fact that publishing a book is very expensive. Whether you choose to publish traditionally, or self-publish a book it is still quite an expensive endeavor. So before you even think of publishing a book of your very own, you should make sure that you have the funds to support you. So before you start on the publishing process, you should ask yourself these specific questions.

  • Do I have the funds to sustain me throughout the writing process?
  • In case I don’t get a publishing deal, could I afford to self-publish my book?
  • Do I have the money to pay a book editor and other publishing professionals?
  • Could I afford to hire a literary agent?
  • Could I afford to market my book successfully?

If you can say yes to all of these questions, then go ahead and publish your book. But if not, you should take the time to save up. That way, once you do start on the publishing process, you can fully focus on publishing your book and not worry about the expenses.

 3. Develop a thick skin

If you are going to publish a book, you should know that it is a road rife with critics. And if you want to push through with your publishing plans, you should expect to receive a lot of criticism. This is especially true if you have your book reviewed by other writers. The harsh part is that some of these book reviewers don’t hold back. And there will be times that you will get very harsh criticism. So if you are going to publish a book, you should really develop a thicker skin. Don’t take the criticism personally and try to learn from them.

 4. Write an informative author bio

If you want readers to take an interest in your book, you should really give them a reason. So if you are writing about a specific topic, you should make sure to mention your credentials. For example, you are writing a book about ancient history. But why should readers take the time to read your book? What sets you apart from the other authors who write history books? So it is imperative that you create an effective author bio.

 5. It is all worth it in the end

Publishing a book of your very own is generally a challenging process. There are so many factors that you have to take account of, and there are so many obstacles that could derail the publishing process. But as difficult as it is, publishing a book of your very own is still a very worthy endeavor. So if you are ever tempted to just quit on the publishing process, remember that it is all worth it in the end.

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