Character Development Tips

Character And Development Tips For Newbie Writers!

If you are a newbie writer, you should make it your main goal to polish your writing skills. The more polished your writing, the more effective your content will be. One key aspect of writing is character development. This is important because the more well-developed your characters, the more immersive and complete your work will be. But this is easier said than done, because character development takes a certain degree of patience and skill. So if you want to make your characters as developed as possible, you should know what you are doing. Here are 4 Great character development tips for newbie writers.

 1. Make your characters as relatable as possible

If you want readers to truly care for your characters, it is important that you make them as relatable as possible. If you make your character’s lives perfect or if they have totally unrealistic characteristics, your readers will not feel connected to your characters. So make your characters flawed. Give them both strengths and weaknesses. By making your characters flawed, you will also make your characters as relatable as possible.

 2. Give them obstacles to face

Yet another way you could make your characters develop, is to give them obstacles to overcome. Your potential readers would most likely have faced a myriad of challenges in their own lives. So if you give your characters a great challenge to overcome, then readers would most likely empathize with your characters plight. Just make sure that the challenges are not too insurmountable. Because if it is too difficult, then your character’s development may come out as unrealistic.

 3. Give your characters unique physical characteristics

If you want your characters to really stand out, it is important that you give them unique physical characteristics. This characteristic could be a scar, an eye-patch, a handle bar mustache etc. It can be practically anything you could think of. It could be a certain mannerism such as a limp, a nervous twitch or a certain grace of movement. By giving your characters unique physical characteristics, they will be able to stand out and make an impact with readers.

 4. Give your characters clear motivations

It always pays to give your characters clear motivations. Because if you don’t, readers may get confused and wonder why the main character or antagonist acts the way they do. When you give them their motivations, you should provide a backstory as well. For example, your main character’s goal is revenge. Then you could create a flashback wherein the main character’s best friend was killed by the antagonist. Thus giving him a clear and definite reason for seeking revenge. By giving all your characters clear motivations, they will be able to define themselves and grow throughout the story.

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