Good title for your book

Coming Up with a Good Title for Your Book!

When it comes to publishing a book of your very own, one of the things you should really prioritize is your title. This is because your book title is one of the very first things that your readers will notice. And it could really affect whether or not your potential readers will buy your book or not. So it is imperative that you should come up with a great title for your book.

 1. Take your genre into consideration

When it comes to coming up with a title for your book, you should always have your genre in mind. Remember that not all potential readers will be interested in the genre you are writing in. So your title should always reach out to your target market specifically. For example, you are writing a suspense novel, so your title should match the overall premise of your genre. It should have a sense of mystery and dread because that is what suspense novels are usually characterized as. Overall, when coming up with a book title, always take your genre into consideration.

 2. Finish your book first

Before you even think of coming up with your book title, you should really finish writing your book first. This is because your book title might get in the way of the writing process. Your book title may affect the overall process or you may get too focused on the title and take the book writing process for granted. So just make up a temporary title for your book, and make a final title once you already finished your book.

 3. Make it short but sweet

You should never make your book title too long. This is because a long title is unwieldy, and it is harder to remember. It may even annoy potential readers and hurt your chances of selling your book in the long run. You should also make sure that it really matches your overall story concept. Overall, it is imperative that your title is short but sweet.

 4. It has to be as catchy as possible

Aside from making your book title as easy to remember as possible, it should be catchy as well. Try to use bold and evocative words to catch your potential reader’s attention. You could name your book after your main character. You could also use a line from the book or the overall setting of your book. What matters though is that your book title is as catchy and memorable as possible.

 5. Double check if there are already books with the same title as your book

It is really important that you check if there are books with the same title as yours. This is because it may hurt your chances of selling your book in the long run. This is especially true if your book shares the same title with a more well-known book. Your book will not only be overshadowed by the other book’s fame, you might even annoy some potential reader’s by having the same title as their favorite author’s books. So if you want to enhance your book’s chances of success, you should be careful with your book title choice.

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