Tips to Make Self-Publishing a Book Affordable

Great Tips That Will Make Self-publishing A Book More Affordable!

If there’s one thing that you should know about the self-publishing process, is that it could get expensive very fast. And if you don’t know how to budget your work, you could go out of budget very fast. And seeing as self-published authors are expected to pay for the entire process, you might end up spending a fortune on the entire project. So before you start on the self-publishing process, you should make a set plan. Here are 5 Great tips that will make self-publishing a book more affordable.

 1. Make a budget for yourself

Before you set out and self-publish your book, you should first set a budget for yourself. Remember that self-publishing a book takes a great deal of money. And if you don’t know how to discipline your spending, you could wind up spending a fortune. So before you start the self-publishing process, take an honest look at your bank account. Make sure that you have enough funds to support you throughout the book publishing process.

 2. Look for book publishing alternatives

Aside from your budget, you should also look for book publishing alternatives. Remember that self-publishing entails you to do most of the work. You are also expected to finance the entire project. And seeing as you don’t have a traditional publishing house to help you, you should really look for book publishing alternatives. This could be difficult because publishing professionals usually cost a good amount of money to hire. This is why you should be as discerning as possible. Choose publishing professionals that are not only skilled but reasonable with their prices as well.

 3. Publish your book in e-book format

If you don’t want to spend too much on the book printing process, you could opt to publish in e-book format. By opting to publish in e-book format, you won’t have to deal with the logistics of printing concrete copies of your book. You also don’t have to worry about storing your books.

 4. Buy your own ISBNS

Although newbie writers tend to get intimidated when it comes to getting an ISBN, it is in truth quite easy. In truth you can purchase your ISBNs online, and it won’t take you too long to finish the transaction.

 5. Do the book promotion yourself

The book promotion process is considered the most difficult and expensive part of the book publishing process. But don’t be discouraged. If you know how to properly promote your book, you won’t have to struggle or pay too much. Here are some book promotion tips to get you started.

  • Create your very own author blog. Through your author blog, you can post examples of your work and keep in contact with other authors and potential writers.
  • Tweet about your book on a regular basis.
  • Use Facebook extensively.
  • Post pictures of your book on Instagram.

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