Writing Skills to Be a Successful Writer

Writing Skills To Develop For A Successful Writer!

Being a writer is more than just book signings and book royalties. It is a profession that takes years of practice and hard work to succeed at. And the attrition rate for writers is very high. Some writers get very discouraged due to harsh criticisms, while some writers quit because they lack the resolve to truly master their craft. So if you want to be a truly great writer, you will need to start with the basics. Here are writing skills that you should develop if you want to succeed as a writer.

1. Be a good storyteller

If you want to be a successful writer, you need to know how to tell a good story. This is because that’s what a writer is first and foremost. A storyteller. So take the time to learn how to tell a good story. Learn how to get the attention of your readers. One effective way to hone your storytelling skills is to write short stories on a daily basis. It does not have to be a masterpiece. Just think of these sessions as exercises to hone your story writing abilities. That way, once you do get started on more serious projects, you can weave a story with the best of them.

2. An efficient researcher

Aside from being a good storyteller, you will need to be an efficient researcher as well. This is because most readers are very particular about facts and if you state inaccurate facts in your work, they might lose respect for you as a writer. And a writer that does not have the respect of his readers won’t be able to count on their support in the future. So before you think of writing a book or setting up your very own author blog, you should learn how to conduct research as effectively and efficiently as possible. When you conduct research make sure that you have multiple sources and before you use any facts, you should double check every angle. Be as meticulous as possible and make sure to cite all your sources.

3. Character creation

Character Creation
Seeing as characters are the main focal point of a story, you will need to develop your character creation skills. Because the more well-crafted your characters, the better your stories will be. So when you write your characters make sure that they are as unique as possible. Stay away from tropes and clichés because readers can notice them right away. Instead, you should try to think outside the box when it comes to creating characters. Give each and every one of your characters their own backstories, eccentricities and motivations. Take your time creating your characters because they will carry the story. All in all, the better written your characters, the more chances you will have of reaching out to potential fans.

4. A vast vocabulary

When it comes to the writing process, words are like weapons. And the more words you know the more effective you will be as a writer. So make it a habit to learn a new word on a daily basis. And try to use these words in your work every chance you get. Try to learn how to use metaphors and similes in your work, to add a bit of flair and depth. But be wary of using archaic or uncommon words in your work as well, because they may also alienate fans.

5. Grit

As it was stated earlier, being a writer takes years of practice to master. But aside from technical ability, you will need the mental resolve to stay motivated in the long run. This is why you should develop your grit. By having grit, you will be able to stay courageous throughout the writing process. You will also be able to overcome any challenge that comes your way.

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