Writing Novels Based on Real Life Events

Writing Novels Based On Real Life Historical Events

If you have ever tried to write about real life historical events, you would most likely know how difficult it is. There are so many things to take account of and describe. The smells, the sights and the sounds could be vague and it can get difficult to fully express them. It is also difficult to fully express yourself as a writer, because your writing should be based on historical fact. But if you want to be a truly complete writer, you will need to learn how to write about real life historical events. But before you do, you will need a strategy. Here are tips that can help you start writing novels based on real life events.

1. Get permission

If you are going to write about a historical event, you will also have to write about the people involved in the event. And it is important that you ask permission to use them in your work. Whether you are writing a biography or a historical fiction based on their lives, it is still important that you ask their permission or their closest of kin. This is not only a sign of respect to the people you are writing about, but it will also help you from being accused of defamation or misappropriation of the right of privacy. You should also avoid making them look bad in your writing. All in all, when you write about a historical personality and the event he or she is involved in, try to portray them in a more positive light. You don’t want to start your writing career with a case for slander.

2. Find multiple resource sources

If you are going to write about real life events, you will need to be as accurate as possible. So it makes sense that you find multiple sources of the event. That way you will have multiple facts and resources to back up your story. Make sure that every aspect of the event is as accurate as possible. The place where it occurred, the time, the weather, even the temperature should be as accurate as possible. The number of people and witnesses should also be thoroughly researched. Your research work is extremely important so put in as much time and effort as possible.

3. Know when to bend facts and when not to

When you write about an event you should know the limits of your artistic liberties. This is because the facts are extremely important when you are writing about a real life event. And if you take too many artistic liberties with it, you can end up offending a lot of people. Particularly, the people who were in the event. For example, you are writing about the 9/11 bombings. This is one of the most historically significant events in recent history. It was the event that started a war and changed the lives of a multitude of people. So if you are going to write a story about the said event, you owe it to the people to be as accurate as possible. You can create a character to act as the eyes and ears of the audience. Through this character, your readers will be able to experience the entire event. But don’t take any artistic liberties with the events, and don’t change any of the heroic acts that the people involved did. This would be considered a disservice to their heroism and sacrifice. Ultimately, you should know when to bend facts and when not to.

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4. Take your time with the process

When you write about real life events, you should never rush the process. Take the time to double check every aspect of your writing. Make sure that all the facts are up to date and accurate. Remember that when you write about real life events, the details are key. And any slight mistake can prove damaging to your reputation as a writer. All in all, take it one step at a time.

5. Enjoy yourself

Aside from taking your time with the process, it is also important that you enjoy it as well. Writing is not something that should be endured. It is something that should be savored. So enjoy yourself. Write with passion and try to make your writing as unique as possible. All in all, the more you enjoy the process the more readable and interesting your work will be.

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