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Writing Tips that will Jumpstart Your Writing Sessions

To become a competent writer, you should expect to work hard. You should also expect to devote a great deal of your life to mastering your craft. This is because writing is not something you could learn overnight. It is something that you should learn and develop throughout your life. Needless to say, it will take you years to truly master the art of writing. You will also need a full-fledged routine to hone your writing skills to a sharp point. Here are some key writing tips that will jumpstart your writing sessions.

 1. Be a voracious reader!

Before you even think about writing professionally, you should first expose yourself to as much literature as possible. Because the more you expose yourself to new topics and concepts, the more ideas you will have to write about. Don’t limit yourself to just one genre. Spread out your interests and open yourself up to new ideas. The more you know, the more effective your writing will be.

 2. Write a new character every writing session

Being able to effectively create a new character is a hard won skill. This is because characters, at least truly memorable ones are hard to create. So if you want to make a character that readers will love and relate to, you will have to work at it. So whenever you do a writing session, try to make a new character. Give him or her a backstory, characteristics and motivations. Who knows? Maybe one of the characters you create will be the foundation of your success as a writer.

 3. Have a word count

Writing Words

It always pays to have a word count for every writing session. This is because word counts will help push you to work harder. It will also make your writing sessions more focused and purpose driven. Your word count does not really need to be extreme. Maybe a thousand to two thousand words per session is a good start. It all really depends on you though. Word counts are just there to stop you from getting lazy.

 4. Keep a journal

Although some people think journals are kind of old fashioned, they are still a great writing exercise. They are also a great way to keep track of your day to day activities and may even be a source of inspiration for your writing. What’s important is that you stay consistent with your journal writing.

 5. Write in various genres

Before you even think of writing professionally you should experiment as much as you can. And one of the best ways to do this, is to write in as many genres as you can. Don’t just limit yourself to writing in one genre. If you limit yourself, you will limit your growth as a writer. So write poetry, High Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction, Non-Fiction, etc. Overall, the more genres you write in, the more versatile you will be as a writer.

 6. Join a writing community

Being a writer could get lonely in the long run. And there’s really no harm in reaching out to others. And one of the best ways to make the writing process less lonely, is to join a writing community. By joining a writing community, you will have support from like-minded individuals. Writing communities also give great advice to beginner writers. They are also a great foundation point to start your writing career. Overall, writing communities are a must if you want to write professionally.

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